Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great Resources

Yesterday morning I connected with Laura Key of Lotus Massage and Wellness Center. She has a beautiful place off of Grant and Country Club for any one needing MT's more central; check them out: I've had a few other MT's express interest in support of research here at the U of A, so check here for updates to my progression with initiating this endeavor. I'm also spending a great deal of time reviewing the research that has been done actively since the '80's, some as early as the '30's. Here are the sources I use in finding MT research articles, or studies, in scientific journals that have been peer reviewed:

If you find something that interests you and can't get access to the free text, copy and paste the title of the article in your web browser, do a search and it will usually lead you to a free copy. If anyone needs help, let me know.


  1. Hi Robin
    Great blog, thx for the linking to my EBP blog.

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