Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grinding My Wheels

It's so nice in the desert early morning. Went for my 6:30 walk and saw several assorted sizes of lizards scurrying around; they are so interesting and we don't see them when it's cooler. The quail are scooting around as well, tooting like they do. All the critters are pretty active in the cool of the morning. Now to bring my temp down. Ever try freezing grapes for a quick cool down? Also, frozen bananas cut in half with peanut butter in the middle, on a stick? I have to be creative, in my household, to get my fellows to eat enough fruit.

I've been gathering info as I call it, in preparation for my internship prep class in the fall at the U of A; preparing to prepare. I'd like to do my internship on research in massage therapy (MT). So far, I have one professor who's showing some interest and a few contacts locally in the MT industry. I have lots of ideas and hope the MT schools are interested in collaborating; much begging to do. I've spent the past several weeks reviewing the completed studies in MT research. There have been over 9000 studies since the '60's. I'd say the U of A is behind the times here. A few CAM studies going on, but no MT specific research. These three women have contributed a great deal to MT studies over the years nationwide: Tiffany Field, Janet Kahn, and Patricia Sharpe. All three are PhD's and LMT's; I'm impressed.


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