Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Future of Massage Therapy

Here's an exciting, well balanced, recent document, I came across yesterday, that suggests the direction MT research should take next; by a group of our industry proponents: Click here to read. It discusses evidence based MT effects, as well as, limitations in our research that need further attention. For example, we can say, based on our current research evidence, a well established effect of MT is its reduction in anxiety. Effects reported in other studies, such as pain reduction, are not yet as well understood and need more scientific analysis. Our profession is young, from a research point of view, and is subject to the same scrutiny every other established profession has endured. It's important to me, as a MT, we define and control our industry to the extent that some outside profession does not. To that end, we need to develop more rigorous study that can hold its own when compared to other health care professions. In any case, this article addresses all these points and more, in an easy to read, well organized and thought out manner, with the most up to date information I've seen summarizing the future in MT.


  1. Thanks for the article, Robin.
    I'm in agreement on more rigorous study in the profession.
    "The proof is in the pudding" and we need lots more pudding!

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