Monday, July 13, 2009

The Who, Why, & What For


I am a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist with about 20 years experience. I specialize in stress and pain management, as well as, ergonomic intervention as a way to prevent illness and injury. For the past three years I have also been working part-time on a masters in public health at the University of Arizona here in Tucson. Why, many people ask? To gain further skills in promoting massage therapy to the public and changing our health model from one of disease focus to a model of wellness; it's all about prevention folks. I'm also very interested in massage therapy research because I like to get to the root of things and understand the outcomes and mechanisms of therapeutic massage.

I thought I'd share with you what I'm learning and my thoughts about health. A natural approach, that avoids medication and surgery, should be your first call to action when your body gets out of balance. Therapeutic massage increases your awareness while working out tight muscles and reduces your stress through relaxation; a valuable tool in your arsenal of defense. Pain should be your guide in making physical choices, not your enemy. Listening to pain helps you avoid injury by pacing yourself and knowing your limitations. We can still be active and listen to our bodies; that's awareness.

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