Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Local MT Resources

So, I spent a good deal of yesterday following up on leads regarding a MT research collaboration between the MT schools and the U of A for my internship requirement. Mostly dead ends so far, from several well meaning interested parties. I did, however, enjoy tea with a new friend, Jan Schwartz, who's also in the MT industry and shares my belief in the need for evidence based practise. Jan's slaving away on her masters thesis this summer and hopes to be done by the end of this year. In the meantime her online business has taken off; you can check it out at: She also shared with me her contacts in the field and I joined a new local group, at her invitation, called Holistic Tucson Online. Thanks Jan.

Did I mention I received a massage on Monday? Thank you Donna, it was wonderful. If you are in need of a massage in the Marana Twin Peaks area, or have insurance that covers massage, Donna is an approved provider: I receive at least two massages a month from different MT's, and they are so well worth it. Not only do I get to receive the benefits of relaxation, muscle work, and self-care, it's like taking a class. You get to experience another MT's techniques and are reminded of how a client feels and what they experience on the table. The benefit of self-care in receiving a massage refers to the notion you are doing something healthy towards illness and injury prevention. It also gives you a feeling of control knowing you have a tool you can rely on for maintaining optimum health. Exercise, good nutrition, and massage keeps me out of the doctors office and at my best.


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