Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Indigenous Healing Practices

Last week was incredible; thrilled to spend so much time in the northern AZ tribal communities. Traditional healing approaches with the Navajo and Hopi are similar to CIM practices; holistic and client centered. I found them to be respectful, gentle, and unassuming people who honor their heritage, are spiritually dialed in, and speak simply and with meaning. I met two massage therapists (Navajo and Hopi), worked on one elderly Navajo women who had recently suffered a fall injury, and found people receptive to massage therapy in general.

At the swap meet in Gallup, New Mexico (which is held every Saturday) I spoke with Pueblo Indians, Ute', and Paiute'; all from Utah. There I found pow wow music, various medicinal plants and herbs, fresh green chilies, and juicy red cherries.

I also got to see some incredible country including the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Ship Rock, the Hopi Terrace Gardens, Window Rock, and Canyon de Chelly. I learned to sheer sheep too!

Check out the Peach, the Hualapai kids radio station sponsored by Kidstar; they rock! Also, here's a video I made of our trip; complete with peyote songs from a couple navajo locals in the area. Their personal statement on the back of the CD I purchased says "through these songs, we learn to live strong, support one another and have faith thru the Native American Church ways."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

CIM Therapies and LBP

Check out this study that considers the unanticipated benefits of CIM therapies on lower back pain. It seems, our work gives people hope and hope knew that already but it's nice the science guys think so too.

Speaking of healing...I'm spending next week in northern Arizona tribal country on a service learning field project. I hope to observe traditional healing and learn about their use of herbs and other medicinal plants. Details later.

Glad my friends are having fun at the CIM conference in Seattle; go Jan, Jolie, and Rosemary!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two Year Pass

I was awarded the pre-doc fellowship from the Department of Family and Community Medicine!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time Flys.............

My internship is over although I will continue working with the CIM Reach team as a paid research associate for the summer; woo hew! We've started recruiting our first wave of practitioners for the study; chiropractors. If you are a DC in the Tucson Metropolitan area and want to be a part of a University of Arizona Study; let me know. You will get free evidence based training, to include approved industry CEU's, and will contribute to making a significant impact on the health of the public by decreasing tobacco use.

Oh yea, I'm graduating from the masters in public health program too! The convocation is May 14th; who'd have thunk!