Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Break - Time to Catch My Breath....

WOW, busy semester; but I'm done for the winter break. My internship is in place and is called CAM Reach. We will be investigating the practice patterns and health care approaches of local CAM health influencers (MT'S, LAc's and DC's) in order to develop an office system smoking cessation intervention tailored to their needs. Close as I could get so far to research in MT. It seems I must have a doctorate before I can do research in the area of my interest. So, I have applied to the DrPH program in Public Health here at the University of Arizona. I am also applying for a pre-doc fellowship, in the spring, that will allow me to do research in other areas of CAM study at the U of A. Never thought I'd go this far but I REALLY want to research MT, and so here I go. I better live a long time as I've gotten a late start in research; better late than never, don't you think?


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