Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Client Prospective

One thing that has made me a better massage therapist (MT) is receiving regular massage treatment. It's like taking a class. Not only am I caring for myself and learning new techniques, I also experience the clients prospective. How comfortable is the table and face cradle, for example? If my sinuses are acting up I can only lay prone for a half hour. The bolster under my knees, when supine, affects my circulation and my legs fall asleep. I'm very healthy, so this may really affect someone who is less so. Is it time for new sheets, have I been too chatty lately with my regular clients, and have I really heard my clients response when asked how they're feeling or what needs focus this session? How does another MT handle client issues like no shows, tardiness, or raising rates? What CEU's are they taking and what has worked lately to gain new clients? Their room decor, office design, and location are always interesting to see in comparison as well. Having a massage session from another MT helps me to review and fine tune my own procedures, professionalism, and prospective.


  1. Agreed! I feel cheesy saying that it's continuing education, but it really is! I learn so much with each new therapist I try. Great post, great point.

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