Monday, August 10, 2009

As the world turns....

Just back from a week's vacation and ready to go. This week I'm meeting with my advisers again at the University to discuss my internship plans. Next week I'm meeting with the president of Cortiva to see what their interest in collaboration with the U might be. Wish me luck everyone, as the process of creating a participation opportunity in MT research, completing my internship requirement for the MPH, and maintaining my business has been challenging (not to mention my family life). I feel like I'm stumbling around blindly while trying to get the right people interested. I'm determined to get my needs met while in this program and fighting frustration with the process. I keep telling myself that's always how it is when attempting to initiate something worthwhile; right?


  1. I'm backing you!
    I'm sure it'll all fall into place.
    It's very cool that you're getting into research. I'd like to know more about that. I'm a bit of an ex-she geek, so anything along the lines of research is always interesting.

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